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The Buganda Anthem
In Luganda

Twesiimye nnyo, twesiimye nnyo
Olwa Buganda yaffe
Ekitiibwa kya Buganda kyava dda
Naffe tukikuumenga

Stanza I
Okuva edda n’edda eryo lyonna
Eryo eggwanga Buganda
Nti lyamanyibwa nnyo eggwanga lyaffe
Okwetoloola ensi yonna

Stanza II
Abazira ennyo abatusooka
Baalwana nnyo mu ntalo
Ne balyagala nnyo eggwanga lyaffe
Naffe tulyagalenga

Stanza III
Ffe abaana ba leero ka tulwane
Okukuza Buganda
Nga tujjukira nnyo bajjajja baffe
Baafirira ensi yaffe

Stanza IV
Nze naayimba ntya ne sitenda
Ssaabasajja Kabaka
Asaanira afuge Obuganda bwonna
Naffe nga tumwesiga

Stanza V
Katonda omulungi ow’ekisa
Otubeere Mukama
Otubundugguleko emikisa gyo era
Bbaffe omukuumenga
The Buganda Anthem
English Translation

We are very blessed, we are very blessed
For our Buganda
Buganda’s glory dates back in time
Lets also uphold it forever

Stanza I
Since time immemorial,
This nation, Buganda,
Was well known by all and sundry
The world over

Stanza II
The heroes who came before us
Fought hard in many a war
They loved our nation so,
We too, should love it forever

Stanza III
We the children of today should fight hard
To build Buganda
As we remember our ancestors
Who died for this, our nation

Stanza IV
How can I sing without praising
His Highness the king
He is fit to reign over Buganda in its entirety
While we trust him

Stanza V
Oh good merciful God
Guide us, oh Lord
Bless us, oh Lord
And guard our king.
Rules about singing:

The following rules are connected with the performance of the anthem:

- If the Kabaka is not present, singers must not sing or
play all five parts of the anthem

- Part 1, the chorus and part 4 must be included whenever
the anthem is sung or played; the short version consists
of these three parts
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